Wedding Makeup for the Bride

Wedding has got to be the most important event on a woman’s life, so it really important that you look beautiful and divineMakeup for the bride when you walk down the isle. When you are already on the part of planning your makeup or having a trial makeup application, you should consider some factors. First, your makeup should be appropriate to the season unless you are having an indoor wedding. Second would have to be the location as wedding nowadays are becoming more and more creative with the setting and theme. Nevertheless, it just as important that you have that soft and radiant makeup you need.

Choose soft shades like pinks, peaches, apricots or neutral colors with just subtle shimmers. Make sure that your skin looks flawless by choosing a foundation with an amazing coverage and set your face with a loose powder for long lasting staying power, as you won’t have that much time to do retouched when the ceremony starts. Opt for a waterproof mascara, in case you might shed a tear or two during the event. Wedding are always jam packed with flashes and cameras so you might want to lay low on the highlighters and illuminators. It is ok to just apply a small amount on the inner corner of the eye, the tip of the nose, a little on the cheek bones and brow bones just to have that subtle and natural glow. Most of all, make sure to have a good night’s rest the night before the wedding to have that fresh feeling that will surely radiate from within.

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