Trend to Try: Ombre Lips

Ombre is a french word which means shaded effect or a gradual transition of light to dark. Ombre has also taken over theOmbre lips beauty industry, it’s everywhere! From hair to nails and now we apply it on makeup as well. It’s definitely a growing trend.

Ombre lips can be seen rampant on fashion runways and beauty editorials and it’s one trend that everyone should and can try. It’s easy to achieve and it looks gorgeous especially on night time events as this look gives your lips a 3d effect, making it fuller and plumper.

You can achieve this by using two shades of lipsticks that compliments each other like red and pink, purple and pink, red and purple, red and orange, red and nude, burgundy and pink etc. Since, make up really has no rules you can even try out any color combinations you want.

Let’s say you want a red and nude lip combo. How do you start? Line the lips with a red lip liner and fill the whole lips with your red lipstick. Take out your nude lipstick and apply it on the middle of both your upper and lower lips. Blend both the colors well to have that washed look. You can either keep it matte or you can apply a little amount of gloss.

Remember to keep the rest of your make up simple, as the lips itself can already make a statement on your whole look.

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