Tips on Applying Mascara

One way to make your eyes bright and awake is by applying mascara. It can also help define the eyes and make it sharper Tips on applying mascaraand stand out even more. It may be a simple makeup routine, but here are tips on applying mascara the proper way. A guideline for makeup newbies as well. Curl your lashes using an eyelash curler before applying mascara. Curling your eyelashes alone can give an illusion of bigger eyes. Squeeze the curler three times moving it from roots to tips to have that longer lasting curl. Apply mascara at the base of your eyelashes, holding the wand in a horizontal way. Apply in a wiggling movement from the base or the roots up until the tip of the eyelashes until you have applied on every strand. If you are having problems applying mascara, say you always end up having smudges on your lids? Here’s a tip you can use, hold a spoon above the upper lashes covering your eyes with it and it can act as a shield to prevent mascara smudges on your already made up eyes. You can have extra thick lashes, if you dust your eyelashes with a translucent powder before applying mascara. Another thing to remember, in taking care of your mascara. Avoid pumping your mascara in and out of the tube. You can get just the exact amount you need just by pulling out the wand the first time. Pumping it will make your mascara dry easily.

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