The Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup

It is a fact that smokey eyes will never go out of style in the beauty department. It is the best choice of look when you’re planning a night out with friends or if you have an event to go to. You will never go wrong when you opt for smokey eyes makeup. Though some women are still clueless on how to create the perfect smokey eyes, here are some tips.

Smokey eyes doesn’t always mean black eyeshadow. You can always be experimental on trying out other rich dark shades like charcoal, brown, green or even purple when you want a little bit of color for fun.

Purple Smokey Eye

Use a primer to emphasize more the color of your chosen eyeshadow, to make it more rich and dark. Or better yet, use a cream shadow for base with the similar color of the powder eyeshadows you are going to use.

The secret to that perfect smoldering look is blending. Try not to have harsh edges on your eyes, smokey eyes look best when they’re well blended.

Smokey Eye Makeup

Make your eyelashes flirty and full with 2-3 coats of mascara, or better yet by using a pair of faux lashes for a more beautiful effect.

Look sexy and sophisticated in just a few minutes with this easy to do makeup look. It is perfect for almost any occasion, especially nighttime events. I believe it’s a must for women to learn and be able to create the perfect smokey eyes that will save them a lot of time figuring out what makeup to wear when going out.

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