The Best Kind of Blush For Your Everyday Look

Blush makeup can do wonders for you. Even when you just keep your face bare, blush can give you that instant glow that can surely make a distinctive difference to your whole look. There are so many types of blushes out in the market in the present time, and any of these can work amazing depending on the right type and color for your skin type and tone.

Cream or liquid blushes works best for dry skin. You can blend it onto your cheeks in circular motion and it will create a natural flush that can last all throughout the day. It applies smoothly and can give a glowing supple finish to the skin.

Cream Blush

Mineral blush which has been a growing trend in the makeup industry because of its pure essential minerals works wonder for women with oily or sensitive skin. It creates a healthy glow when applied.

Mineral Blush

Powder blush provides a touch of color to your face depending on the amount that you desire. If you prefer bronze or peachy colors, it can give a very nice sun-kissed look which are perfect for olive to darker skin tones. While pink blushes works better with fairer skin tones.

Powder blush

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