Shelf Life of Makeup Products

As much as we love makeup, we should all know that these makeup products have shelf lives that we should always keep Shelf Life of Makeupin mind. It’s just as important as skin care to follow these shelf life and dispose makeup that can easily damage our skin that may result to acne and even skin infections. These shelf life are just like having makeup hygiene, as we know that it is always important to be sanitized, this does not only apply to professionals but to everyone.

FOUNDATION. There are different types of foundation and each type has a different shelf life from each other. For water based foundation, a bottle can last up until a year if you don’t use it everyday. Oil based foundation lasts longer than the water based one, it can last until 18 months. Water based can tend to dry up quickly than oil based which you can just shake to bring the consistency back. If there is already a hint of unpleasant smell, then it’s a sign that the product needs to be disposed as soon as possible.

POWDER. Powder has been part of our lives for centuries and it’s one of the makeup products that has the longest shelf life. It can last up to 2 or ever 3 years.

CONCEALER. The cream ones can last until 18 months while liquid concealer has a shorter shelf life as it can tend to dry up quickly, especially with the built in applicator that can even gather up bacteria as it gets exposed more frequently.

BLUSH. Cream or powder blush can last from 12- 18 months.

PENCIL and EYELINER. Unless you get to used the whole pencil, it just needs to be re sharpened and it can last until 3 years.

LIPSTICK. These are the most used products and these can last from 1 to 3 years, unless you notice a change in the smell then it’s time to dispose it.

MASCARA. This is the makeup product that has the shortest shelf life as it can last only from 3-4 months. The applicator and it’s exposure tends to dry out the product easily. Mascara should be disposed if needed as you don’t want to risk any eye infection that it can possibly cause.

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