Rocker Chic Makeup

New Year gives new beginnings, new opportunities and new looks. So, this goes also with your makeup. It’s about time you Rocker Chic Makeuptry something daring, something with more personality, something fierce. One look you can try and can never fail to give off that sexy, strong look is the rocker chic makeup. You don’t even need to put too much effort into it because the main point of this look is the I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude. Perfect with just tousled hair that looks like you just got out of bed.

You can use just your tinted moisturizer or a sheer to medium coverage foundation. You’re not going for that perfect and flawless finish so a little showing of freckles or just a couple of spots can also be a part of your whole look. Apply just minimal concealer to areas you really want to conceal. Shape your eyebrows to avoid it being washed out as this look is all about the eyes. Get your black eyeshadow, either cream or powder and apply it all over your lids. Don’t worry if it looks messy, messy is part of the whole drama. Blend your eyeshadow outwards towards the crease. If you want to have that greasy finish you can apply clear gloss all over your lids, or if you want to have that sparkly effect apply glitters preferably black or silver onto your eyelids. Curl your eyelashes and load up on mascara. You can just leave your cheeks or your lips bare, but if you want a little bit of color dash a subtle shade of blush on your cheeks and dab just a little amount of lip tint on your pout.

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