Proper Concealer Application for a Blemish-free Face

It is just a horror to wake up in the morning and seeing an unexpected spot on your face, along with the dark circles underconcealer application
your eyes. It makes you want to regret staying out late, and even more it makes you want to just hide under your sheets the whole day without facing anyone. Well, that’s why concealers and invented. It just the right product to turn to in these situations. It is easy to apply, yet there are also techniques on how to apply it and make it more natural looking as if they do not exist at all.

Of course, it all starts with a clean and well moisturized face. Choose a concealer which is one or two shades lighter than your skin color. For the under-eye area, you can either use a concealer brush or better yet your fingers for better blending. Three small dots of the products under the eye is enough and just work on it by blending it well, use your ring finger in blending the product as it is known to have the lightest touch. Never rub the product, and just tap softly under the eyes until it covers the entire problem area. After you have applied your foundation, focus now on the remaining dark spots, blemishes or pimple. Use an eyeliner brush to apply the concealer on the problem spot. Eyeliner brush is more preferred because of its small pointed tip, as it helps apply the product just right where you need it. Apply more, if necessary and continue on the rest of your makeup routine.

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