Natural, Barely There Makeup

Most women prefer to wear makeup that looks and feels as if you aren’t really wearing anything. Nude makeup has always been one of the top makeup trends in the beauty department with it’s easy application and natural overall outcome.

Though, in order to achieve the perfect nude makeup, one has to have a clear, clean and hydrated face. Always keep in mind to take care of your face, moisturize and exfoliate to be able to have the best results when you’re planning on having this kind of makeup routine regularly.

Nude natural makeup

Having a well made face without putting too much product not only looks like a breath of fresh air but you also allow you skin to breathe freely since nude makeup focuses on minimal makeup application as much as possible.

This look is a perfect everyday look, you can wear it anywhere and look pulled together. With only a few simple steps and tips like having a clear and well moisturized face, concealed skin discoloration or blemishes, use of sheer or translucent foundation instead of having full coverage if not needed, soft shades of corals, pinks or apricots for a natural flush of the cheeks, mascara and a lipgloss– and you’re ready to get out of that door looking fresh and glowing with radiance.

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