Natalie Portman’s Androgynous Makeup

Androgynous look is one of the popular looks in fashion and beauty, may it be magazine editorials or on the runway. There Natalie Portman Androgynous makeupis always something sexy and fierce in putting a touch of androgyny in your look. Here is Natalie Portman in V Magazine cover with an androgynous makeup in which she justified beautifully.

There are even hairstyles that you can match up with this certain makeup look. To get this look, go on with your usual foundation and concealer routine. Dust your face with a translucent powder and continue on with contouring (shading) which is also an important aspect in this look. Define your cheeks by applying a darker shade of brown below your cheekbones to have that sunken cheeks look. Shade your jawline up to the bottom of your ears as well to get that sharp square jawline to look more masculine.

Groom your eyebrows and shape it with a brow liner, it’s also better to make your brows more thicker which is suited for this look. Apply your usual smokey eye routine but this time blend the outer corners upwards to have that fierce cat eye look as seen in the photo. Apply bronzer on the apples of your cheeks to further define your cheek shading. Skip the lip gloss and just dab a tiny amount of lipstick on your lips, choosing a color which is similar to your natural lip color.

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