Must Have Makeup Brushes and Tools

Even if you’re not a professional makeup artist, it is still best to have the basic essential makeup brushes and tools in your makeup kit for your own use. You don’t necessarily need to buy every kind of brush there is in the market but it perfectly reasonable to invest in brushes with good quality.

Here are some of the must-have brushes and tools you will need most of the time for proper makeup application.

Must have brushes and tools

FOUNDATION BRUSH. Though the use of disposable sponges are still a good way of applying foundation, most makeup enthusiast prefer to use a foundation brush. It helps in even distribution of foundation on your face. Unlike sponges, the product isn’t absorbed by the brush so it is wiser to invest on this instead.

BLUSH BRUSH. Is there any better way to apply blush perfectly on the apple of your cheeks than a blush brush?

EYESHADOW BRUSH. This brush be a huge help in applying eyeshadow on your lids while your can be able to properly blend the product as well.

EYEBROW/EYELINER BRUSH. Don’t belittle this stiff and short angled little brush as it has double purpose. You can easily apply your eyeliner using this brush with the help of its angled shape, perfect for creating that winged liner look. Plus, it also serves as eyebrow brush which helps in applying softer strokes in filling the sparse areas of your brows.

TWEEZERS. Choose an angled tip tweezers for easier eyebrow grooming. This tool also has double purposes as it can help as well with false lashes application, especially when you’re using those faux individual lashes.

EYELASH CURLER. Having perfectly curled lashes can give huge difference in your eyes as it helps brighten up your whole look, used together with your favorite tube of mascara. It is better to invest in a high quality lash curler to prevent lash breakage that be done by cheap curlers.

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