Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

Blue Eye MakeupIf you’re like me and have delicious blue eyes you’ll want your makeup to complement them as much as possible. Many girls think along the lines of “if i have blue eyes, then blue makeup will complement them” but this is not always the case, as i’m sure you will have realised f you’ve tried it yourself. It just often does not do your eyes justice and you need to think twice about what colours you add to your face to complement those shiny eyes. As everyone should be aware eye colours differ enormously, some blue eyes will look drastically different to other blue eyes, some a little more grey, some really bright, everyones eyes are different!

Eyeshadow is of paramount importance and the best of to complement blue eyes is a lovely shade of brown, brown you say? YES! lol Brown really does complement blue eyes, when i say brown i bet many of you think dark brown but believe it or not there are literally hundreds of shades of brown out there to experiment with, some really mild almost smokey shades, some copper coloured ones and even a caramel colour which reminds me of Cadburys! yum 🙂 So eyeshadow is complete but what next?

Mascara is next as it will make your beautiful eyes wider and brighter for the world to see and love. It is up to your personal tastes but i like greens when complementing blue eyes, sound silly? It’s not i assure you, give it a try today. Or even stay with traditional black or add a little twist and have a brown mascara day, the choice is yours! So get trying out your new makeup samples on those beautiful lush shiny eyes and i’m certain you’ll love the effects that makeup can have on blue eyes to make them really stand out

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  • Kimberly says:

    I love this, People are always tring to tell me that because I have blue eyes I need blue eye shadow. I grew up wearing what ever was the in colour. I came to lean later on the browns are clasic. I love my eyes and want everyone to know that they are beautiful. That is why I love this tip for my eyes to stand out

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