Makeup for Women with Glasses

Some women wears glasses as an accessory to have that smart and chic look, and some women is not just comfortable withmakeup for women with glasses contact lenses that they have no other choice but to stick with wearing glasses. This accessory can complete a whole look yet, it can also either hide or alter your face. So, it is important to remember these tips to achieve a makeup that can compliment your look even under those frames.

First is your eyebrows. Eyebrows are an important factor in this whole look as it is becomes the main focus since the eyes are under the glasses. Eyebrows will help define the eyes and even the glasses. Groom your eyebrows and have a strong and perfect arch by filling in the sparse areas with a brow pencil.

Make you eyes pop out of the glasses by defining and making it sharp. Brighten your eyes first with a light shimmer on your lids and apply a darker shade on the crease. Blend it well to avoid hard edges. Define the eyes more by applying black or brown eyeliner on your lids and white or nude colored liner on the lower inner rims to make your eyes brighter and whiter. Apply a coat of mascara.

Dash a small amount of blush on your cheeks just to get that natural flush and apply you choice of lipstick or gloss.

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