Makeup for Women on their 30s

Thirty-something women have the advantage of having knowledge and familiarity on what products to use and what colors Makeup for women in their 30semphasize their features the best. Now is the age where piling a lot of products on your face doesn’t really work well anymore, but learning on how to highlight and shade areas of your face to give your look more definition. Romantic and illuminating makeup looks great at this age.

You just need to  have that flattering look with a luxurious feel that sometimes all you need is just the perfect foundation, a little concealer, a shimmer eyeshadow and a lipgloss and you are good to go. What is more important for women in this age is skin care. So, it is definitely a must to have a well moisturized face before applying any kind of makeup.

Women in their 20s relies mostly on earthy and nude shades when it comes to makeup. From taupe to champagne colored eyes, and sometimes some pastel shades for a pop of subtle color. Shades of peaches and apricots to create warmth on their cheeks and nude pinks for their everyday makeup routine, or reds and burgundies if they want a drastic change of look.

Women and their 30s are already familiar with their facial structure so applying  and especially choosing makeup can be just a breeze to these ladies. They already know what they want and what they need.

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