Makeup Essentials for Traveling

When you love makeup and you travel a lot, it is just as important to pack the right makeup products and tools as it is toMake up essentials for traveling packing your clothes and other necessities. Some may have mastered the art of packing, though some may still be clueless on how to pack right and what makeup products are best to bring on board. Of course you wouldn’t want to end up with a bulging bag overstuffed with products you might not even use.

So, what do you need to put on your makeup bag? First, your moisturizer. This is one of the top priorities before putting on your makeup so don’t forget to pack your favorite moisturizer preferably with SPF for protection that you can store in a small travel size bottle for easy storage. Bring your chosen foundation and compact concealer or if you can skip the foundation if you think a compact powder is just what you need. Add a tube of waterproof mascara and a brown or black eyeliner pencil to your bag as well. Bring a small palette of eyeshadows rather than a number of colors in those little containers, palettes are the easiest choice for traveling with just the right amount of choices of colors you might need during the entire trip. It is also better if you have a lip color palette, if not you can just bring your favorite light or nude colored lipstick for everyday wear and your favorite red if ever you’ll have a night event to go to, plus a small compact of pink or peach blush that suites whatever makeup you might want to achieve.

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