Full, Fun and Flirty with Faux Lashes

Everyone is obsessed with long, big and full lashes that some companies have already invented and marketed products to help you grow your lashes more and even salons that offer eyelash extensions. But there is also an alternative way toKim Kardashian's fun and flirty lashes achieve this look without going through all the hassles. You can nail the luxurious lashes at home in just a snap with this few easy steps and tips.

1. Once you’re done with your eyeshadow, apply small amounts of the eyelash glue along the lashes’ strip, wait for a few seconds and apply it to your lids.

2. Start at the inner corner of your eyelids (near the tear duct), and press and gently hold down the lash strip along the roots of your natural lashes to let the glue dry and set. Most eyelash glues are white even when applied, but no worries because once it dries up it will end up clear.

3. Line your eyelids again with black eye pencil, to remove any traces of the clear glue and to set the whole look. Curl your lashes all together and apply a coat of mascara.

You can also opt for individual faux lashes if you’re leaning towards the more natural look, and it’s as easy as these steps as well, applying each strand on the roots and in between of your natural lashes.

Now, you’ll have that stunning luscious eyes that most women yearns for in just a few easy guidelines.

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