First Date Makeup

Most of us still gets really excited or even nervous when going on a first date with someone special. Of course, we want it toFirst Date Makeup be special as well with the right clothes, shoes and the right makeup. When you’ve already found the perfect outfit, there are just some tips you need to remember in doing your makeup.

First, we all know that most guys love natural look on women. So, you need to just focus on areas of your face that you would love to emphasize and keep everything else at minimal. Except if you already have an idea on who you’re going out with, if he likes the sexy look then you can probably step up a bit by choosing a deeper shade of lip color or eyeshadow perhaps. One important thing is that you wouldn’t want to be obvious that you’ve put too much effort on your looks.

You can apply sheer foundation all over your face or a medium coverage one only on areas that needs cover. Of course, you would like to hide the blemishes and the under eye problems if you have. Highlight the inner corner of your eyes, your cheekbones and brow bones for that glowing and dewy effect which will look amazing on a candlelit dinner. Choose coral, peach or probably a light pink shade for your blush and lips for that natural outcome. If you want to make your eyes stand out even more you can put on a soft smokey eyes as well.

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