Day to Night Makeup

There are lots of busy women in this generation that fits too many events on their planner in a day. Sometimes, they just have few precious minutes to sneak in some necessary ‘me’ time before going to one event and to another. Most women likes the idea of multi tasking, and believe me that you can even have a simple makeup routine that will work on your daily busy schedule.

During the day, say you have a breakfast meeting in the morning and a lunch date with your friends before heading back to the office or a quick errand at the mall. You would want a more natural look for these plans. Look fresh faced with a medium to full coverage foundation that has a long lasting staying power so you wouldn’t need to re-apply in the afternoon or evening. Choose earthy hues and natural shades of pink or peach on your eyes, cheeks and lips. You can even drop by at a makeup counter during that quick mall errand and get a few free makeup samples which you can use along the way. Don’t forget to shape and shade your brow and apply few coats of mascara on your lashes. Then after work, when you have a scheduled dinner with your significant other or cocktail party with your colleague, you can update your look by applying a darker shade of eyeshadow on your crease, or you can skip that and just go for the winged liner, double coats of mascara and red lips. You day time look will look amazingly dramatic perfect for your night plans, in just a minute or two.

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