Correcting Makeup Mistakes

Most women can already do their own makeup or even other’s like a pro as there are so many makeup products, makeup Correcting Makeup mistakesbooks and now even makeup gurus and websites online that gives you tips and techniques on how to apply makeup. Still, there will come a time, several times even that you create makeup mistakes. Reason most probably is that you are in a hurry, keep in mind that there are also tricks on how to correct makeup mishaps without removing everything and starting from top.

What to do if you have applied too much foundation? This can be really hard especially if you use makeup base so you won’t want to have to start all over. All you have to do is press a piece of tissue over your face to absorb and lift of the excess foundation and blend again the remaining product on your face with a clean or preferably damp makeup sponge.

What to do if you’ve applied too much blush? If you’re using a powder blush, you can diffuse it or make it more subtle by sweeping a translucent powder on your cheeks and blending it with your blush on until you get your desired color. If your using a cream blush, you can use the sponge or foundation brush you have just used as it still has just the right amount of remaining foundation on it and think of it as an eraser as you use it to blend both products on your cheeks.

When it comes to eye products mistakes, it is easier as you can just use cotton buds with a tiny amount of makeup remover and erase the mistake with it, like when you apply a too thick eyeliner. You can erase it with the cotton bud, re-apply eyeshadow only on the part needed and re-apply eyeliner.

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