Contouring, Shading and Highlighting

Makeup can do a lot of tricks to make you look younger, hide all your blemishes and flaws, highlight what you want on Contouring, shading and highlightingyour face and even make you look thinner. The magic of makeup. If you want to have that chiseled jawline or that high and fully emphasized cheeks then all you need to know is proper shading and highlighting, or as makeup artists call contouring. Though, contouring can take most of your time so most women just opt to add this to their makeup routine if they’re going on special occasions, events or maybe photoshoots. It can make a huge and beautiful difference on how you look.

What you need for contouring is a contouring angled brush, you can also use a beauty sponge or even your fingers. Whatever techniques you are comfortable with. For highlighting, white or vanilla colored powder is preferred. Shimmery or pearlized powders are also great for highlighting. For shading, use a brown matte powder which is twice darker than your skin tone.

Highlighting using light colored shades emphasizes parts of your face. Parts of your face that you can highlight are your browbones, the center of your forehead, bridge of your nose to the tip, your cheekbones, and the corners of your mouth. While shading using dark colored shades makes areas of your face recede. Parts of your face that you can shade are the hollows of your cheeks, your jawline and under your chin blending downwards till the upper part of your neck, temples and around the hairline, sides and under the tip of the nose connecting from the crease of the eyes.

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