Celebrity Makeup: Rosie Huntington Whiteley, MET Gala 2012

We all know or is familiar with the beautiful Rosie Huntington Whiteley as a supermodel, we see her on magazines and Celebrity Makeup: Rosie Huntington Whiteley Met galabillboards and of course she’s also famous as a Victoria’s Secret model as well, but she has proved to anyone that her talent and beauty doesn’t stop at just modeling when she tried out acting as she starred on the popular movie series The Transformers. She took over the leading lady role that was once played by Megan Fox.

She is also present at almost every red carpet event and women just look forward on what she is going to wear or look. Here she is as she graced the recent MET Gala looking fabulous as ever.

It’s easy to re-create this look as she used only minimal amounts of makeup, and just focused on her eyes with a subtle smokey look using brown shades. Just remember to have a fresh and well moisturized face before applying your foundation and concealer. If you have no blemishes or dark spots, even a sheer foundation can do to have that natural finish and you can use a tiny amount of highlighter as well to get that glow. Rosie just dabbed a peachy coral shade of foundation of the apples of her cheeks and just a neutral shade of lipstick with just a touch of gloss. The main attraction is on her eyes where she used dark bronze eye shadow blended with a darker shade of brown to emphasize the depth blending it outwards and upwards from the outer corner of her eyes for added flare.

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