Celebrity Makeup: Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie has got to be one of the most talked about celebrity at one point, but as she became a mother and things had a Celebrity makeup: Nicole Richielittle twist as she started a clothing line as she focused more on her personal life than partying where she became famous for. She became more of a glam mom and sometimes she still has that modern bohemian twist which looks gorgeous on her. She always have a simple yet radiant makeup, and like before most women still look up to her style and even makeup looks.

Here she is at The Buzz on Red Carpet event looking as chic and lovely with her sparkling outfit and her fresh and minimal makeup that looks dazzling on her. She emphasized her features while remaining fresh and natural. If you are going to an event, and you already have a really statement making attire, this look is just perfect. Even perfect for your daily makeup regimen.

It’s easy to recreate this look, and you don’t even need that much makeup products to let your natural beauty shine. First, you just need to start with a clean and well moisturized face. You have the option to use a makeup primer if you want a smoother application and finish, then continue on with your usual foundation and concealer routine to have that flawless finish. Remember that to have a more natural look, it’s also better to use a sheer or medium coverage foundation instead. Groom your eyebrows and fill in the sparse area with brow pencil to give it definition. Apply a nude or neutral colored eyeshadow on your eyelids and apply a semi thick line on your lids with a brown eye pencil for a sharper look yet softer finish (compared to using a black eye pencil). Curl your eyelashes and apply 2-3 coats of black or brown mascara. You can leave you lower lash line bare or you can also apply a nude colored eye pencil on the inner rims for a brighter look. Dab a small amount of peach colored blush on the apples of your cheeks and finish the entire look by filling in your lips with a neutral colored lipstick.

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