Celebrity Makeup: Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. She carries herself well, with class and sophistication. OfNatalie Portman Makeup course makeup-wise, she looks amazing in any look she wears.

In this photo, beautiful as ever. You’ll notice that she has that smokey smoldering eyes yet it’s not that heavy to look at, that’s because she wears a chic shade of gray eyeshadow. She used a bluish- gray color that complimented her hazel eyes perfectly, and just gave a subtle smokey effect by applying the color on the lid, building the color a little bit on her creases and applying the same shade as well on her lower lash line. The gray was blended well without leaving any signs that you have used other different colors. Sometimes, you can use just one color and just work it building it up and blending it well like with Natalie’s makeup. She applied two to three coats of mascara to brighten up her eyes even more matched with a perfectly groomed and shaped eyebrows.

The whole look was finished off with a soft shade of pink on her cheeks and a light and almost nude shade of pink. The make up, the gown and her simple silver necklace complimented each other that she gleamed down the red carpet with a chic and sexy appeal.

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