Celebrity Makeup: Minka Kelly

You will probably recognize Minka Kelly in a couple of movies like 500 days of Summer and the Roommate, and as one of Celebrity Makeup: Minka Kellythe angels in the new series Charlie’s Angels. Minka is one of the underrated actresses of today’s generation. She is one of those celebrities that can capture you with her appeal and her distinctive beauty.¬†Minka has such a look that needs just a few amounts of makeup and will look absolutely gorgeous. The colors from peaches to berry shades looks great on her beautiful skin tone.

In this photo, you will see that she just used neutral earth colors to emphasizes her facial features with just a hint of berry colored eyeshadow with a subtle shimmer that gave her whole look a pop of color.

To get this look, start with a primer all over your face and go on with your regular foundation and concealer routine. Take note on how perfectly groomed and shaped Minka’s eyebrows are which adds structure on the whole look. Apply an eyeshadow on your lids to make your eyeshadow’s color more vivid and apply a plum or any berry shade shadow on your lids from the middle part of your eyes to the outer, blending it on your crease. Use a pencil eyeliner and apply on your eyelids, making sure not to give a heavy visible line, draw just in between your eyelash strands to give definition to your eyes without the lines. Apply liner as well on the lower rims of your eyes and finish the entire look by curling your lashes and applying two coats of mascara.

Choose a bronzer with a slight berry shade and swipe onto your cheeks upwards to your temple, and use a deep peach shade of lipstick on your lips topped with lip gloss and you’re all set.

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