Celebrity Makeup: Lana del Rey, Cannes Film Festival 2012

Some may not be familiar with Lana del Rey but she is definitely on of the fastest rising singer-songwriter in today’s Celebrity Makeup: Lana del Reygeneration. She started out as an independent singer, who plays on clubs and when she released her music video on the internet it became viral and the rest is history. She is well known for her cinematic style and old school appeal and in the recent Cannes International Film Festival, Lana del Rey just exudes old school glamour and sophistication not only with her gown and hair but as well as with her makeup.

She looked gorgeous on the red carpet, and what’s great is that anyone can achieve this look which is perfect for formal events and even when you just want to spice up your daily makeup routine a little bit and add some flare. If you have some neutral eye shadow as a free makeup sample then you can use it in this look as well.

Just start with a clean and well moisturized face before applying your trusted foundation and concealer to cover all the problem areas and set if off with a translucent powder. When you’re done shaping and grooming your eyebrows, apply a vanilla colored all over your eye lids as an eye shadow base and use a darker brown shade to create depth on your crease. The most important part of the eye makeup is the eyeliner, so using a liquid or gel liner apply a thick line on your lids and create a wing on the outer corner of your eyes. Apply a pencil liner as well on the lower lash line before coating your lashes with mascara to finish  the entire eye makeup. Using a bronzer or a darker peach shade of blush, swipe it on the apples of your cheeks and blending it upwards toward the temples. Finish the entire look with a neutral colored lip pencil and a matte nude lipstick.


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