Celebrity Makeup: Kim Kardashian

Admit it or not, whether some of you really love watching reality television shows or maybe you just got instantly Celebrity Makeup: Kim Kardashianhooked when you have no other shows to watch and you ended up watching this reality tv show. There are already tons of reality shows in different channels and guilty or not, you probably have at least one favorite.

One of the popular reality shows would have to be The Kardashians, where in one cast has made a huge name for herself, Kim Kardashian. You can see her almost everywhere, from television, events, to advertisements and of course on magazines. A lot of women either look up to her or copy her, or even both. Her style is definitely striking and classy and her makeup is always on of the most re-created looks where makeup gurus are inspired to copy for their makeup tutorials.

Here she is looking glamorous with just a minimal amount of makeup, at the E! 2012 Upfronts Event held at Gotham Hall in New York City. As you will notice, she just have an almost bare or a neutral face yet her whole look stands out. The secret? Fabulous and flirty, full lashes. It is super easy to re-create this look, as all you need would be a pair of faux lashes and basically the usual makeup products you use for your daily makeup routine. Start by applying your foundation, and cover the problem areas on your face with your trusted concealer for a flawless finish. Set it with a makeup fix or a translucent powder. Make sure you have a well groomed and shaped eyebrows to frame your whole look. Swipe a shimmering vanilla eye shadow on your lids and line your upper lid with a pencil liner. You can smudge the liner with a q-tip to make the edge softer and well blended. Curl your lashes and apply a coat of mascara. Using a lash glue, stick a strand of fake eye lashes on your upper lids near the roots of your natural lashes. You can also create a fuller look by applying individual flares of lashes on your lower lash line to have that ‘Twiggy’ look. Dab a small amount of peach blush on the apples of your cheeks and finish the look by filling in your lips with a beige-y nude lipstick.

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