Celebrity Makeup: Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is one of those women nowadays that exudes elegance and natural beauty. Celebrity Makeup Kate MiddletonWhenever I see photos of her, I am just left with awe on how simple yet how stunning she is. Just perfect to be called, Princess.

My favorite photo of her was during her engagement where she looked so beautiful. Nothing extravagant yet she shines and radiates. Her makeup is simple, even her hair.

Her face was flawless, using only medium coverage or probably even sheer foundation as her face has a nice finish. Clear and blemish free. Her eyebrows are perfectly groomed and isn’t harshly shaped. She just used a little amount of earth colored eyeshadow on her eyelids as it is not that obvious and just lined her eyes with a black liner, focusing on just the inner rims and in between her lash lines as to not have that heavy and strong look, finishing it off with a coat of mascara. Simple yet it works amazingly on her.

She dabbed on a small amount of a pinkish peach or apricot shade blush on her cheeks giving a glowing outcome and finally topping her lips with just a natural or even a colorless lipgloss. It is said that she doesn’t have a makeup artist and she just does her makeup on her own, now isn’t that fab? This princess knows how to emphasize her natural beauty without applying too much.

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