Celebrity Makeup: Jessica Szohr

Jessica Szohr is definitely one of the most familiar faces in show business, you’ll know her because of the popular TV Celebrity Makeup: Jessica Szohrseries, Gossip Girl. She has that face that radiates with natural beauty and she gives a variety of looks when wearing makeup.

Gone are the days where blue eyeshadow doesn’t scream beauty fail, as there are a wide variety of blue shades to choose from and different ways to wear it the right way without looking like you just came back from the 80s. You can wear a pastel blue, teal, aqua, royal blue and even an electric blue if you’re that experimental and daring. Whatever shade you desire, it’s all about confidence and balance. As, when you wear blue eyeshadow you should also remember to keep everything else at minimal like Jessica Szohr’s makeup in the photo.

Jessica gave the traditional smokey eye a cool spin by using blue eyeshadow on her eyes. The application is pretty simple as she just worked on a black eyeliner into her top and bottom lashes and applied and blended the blue shade all over her eyelids upto her crease. She also applied a hint of blue shadow underneath her lower lashline that created an appealing touch to her eyes.

She applied a coat of mascara to finish the whole eye makeup, dabbed a hint of bronzer into her cheekbones and some lip gloss on her lips. It was a simple makeup that definitely gave a statement.

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