Celebrity Makeup: Jennifer Aniston, Minimalist Look

Jennifer Aniston, Minimalist makeupJennifer Aniston is one of those celebrities who is comfortable with facing the media with an almost bare face. It is her signature look. With just minimal amounts of makeup, she always manages to radiate and shine in front of the camera.

The secrets to achieve this look are no longer hidden, because anyone can easily create it in just few easy steps. First, learn how to fake that luminous glow. Some say that you can only wear this look is if you have good skin, not true at all. Try using an illumination lotion together with your trusty tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation and you will instantly have that dewy and radiant glow. Hide blemishes and dark spots using an eyeliner brush, so it will be spot on to just the area that needs concealing. Moisturize and exfoliate your lips before applying nude lipstick or lipgloss for a smoother finish. And lastly just stick with neutral colors for your eyes and just use soft shades for your blush, also better to use cream blush for a more dewy finish.

Those with good genes aren’t the only ones now who can wear this kind of look, thanks to the amazing advantages of makeup. Yet, it is still better to regularly care for your skin by cleaning, moisturizing and toning because nothing beats healthy and clean skin.

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