Celebrity Makeup, Golden Globes 2012: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie. There is just no words to describe on how she has become an icon in Hollywood. She is not your ordinary Celebrity makeup: Angelina Joliewoman and there’s always the unexpected about her. Of course when it comes to red carpet events, it is not surprising when she takes control and shows with so much sophistication, yet fierce has become an understatement. So, here is another prestigious event and of course Angelina Jolie showed up with her one of a kind presence in a very stunning classic makeup.

Here she is looking grand as ever with a statement makeup focusing on both her eyes and lips as she combined soft smokey eyes with bright red lips. The paleness of her skin made her eyes and lips pop out more. To get this look, go on with your usual foundation and concealer routine making sure you set it with powder to avoid any oiliness that will not go well with the whole classic look. Matte skin is the best option for your base.

Groom and shape your eyebrows to have that perfect arch that will also add sharpness and definition to the whole look. Apply a soft shade of gray on your eyelids as well on your lower lash line to give subtle definition to your eyes and apply a coat or two of mascara. You can skip the blush if you prefer the pale look or you can just swipe a small amount of your cheeks for a hint of color. Line your lips with a red lip liner, fill it with the same liner before applying a semi-matte red lipstick.

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