Celebrity Makeup: Emma Watson

Emma Watson became worldwide famous from the Harry Potter movies, and it is no doubt that we all witnessed how Celebrity Makeup: Emma Watsonglamorously she grew all throughout the years. From the time she was just a little girl with bangs to how fabulous she is now, especially on the red carpet events.

This young lady always look stunning with her choice of clothes and amazing makeup on every Harry Potter premier especially in their New York premier as shown in this photo, she stood out in a one of a kind makeup. She wore a very dramatic smokey eye with gold flecks creating a unique smokey outcome as she leaves the rest of her face at minimal.

To get this look, create a flawless face by using a makeup primer before applying a medium coverage foundation and applying concealer on the areas that needed concealment. Groom your eyebrows and shape it with a brow shade that is same with your natural brow color. Apply a matte black eyeshadow all over your lids to your crease, blend the shadow on the outer corner of your eyes upwards to have a cat like shape finish. Apply a rich gold eyeshadow on the inner corner or the tearduct of your eyes, apply small bits of gold leaf pieces on the inner part of your cat eye shaped shadow (can be brought from your local art supply shops) with an eyelash glue and a tiny brush. Line your upper and lower rim with a black eyeliner and apply 2 coats of mascara. Swipe a small amount of bronzer on your lower cheekbone area and apply lipstick that is the same shade or a shade deeper of your natural lip color.

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