Celebrity Makeup: Emma Watson

Of course, Emma Watson has already established her name in the industry from the Worldwide hit movie series of Harry Celebrity Makeup: Emma WatsonPotter. She has grown up to be a lovely young lady right in front of our eyes and there are surely tons of girls and young women alike that looks up to her in terms of fashion and makeup trends.

Here she is looking striking and chic in a glam rock attire with subtle yet well defined makeup at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival’s Struck by Lightning premiere held at the BMCC Performing Arts Center in New York. This look is minimal yet with a certain edge as the definition of her eye makeup was on the outer corner of her eyes using just the basic black shadow, complimented well with a cherry colored lip gloss. You can create this look, which is perfect for any occasion and even for your daily makeup routine for work or for any day to night time activities.

When you’re done with your foundation and concealer routine, go straight in grooming and shaping your eyebrows as it can give a huge effect on your over all look especially with a simple makeup like this. Apply a vanilla colored eye shadow all over your lids up until your brow bone, and define your eyes by swiping a taupe shade on the creases or fold of your eyes. Apply a thin line on your eyelids using a black eyeliner and give further definition by using a black eyeshadow and a small angled brush and apply the shade on your upper lid focusing on the outer corner of the eye, connecting it to the lower lashline as well. Apply a coat or two of mascara on your curled lashes and you’re done with your eye makeup. Give your face a natural flush by using a cheek tint, and finish your entire look with a cherry colored lip gloss.

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