Celebrity Makeup: Emma Stone

One of the most versatile shade when it comes to makeup has got to be Peach. It suites most skin color and has that amazingCelebrity Makeup: Emma Stone overall effect on anyone. Emma Stone’s look in the photo is all about peach, and it absolutely looks gorgeous on her porcelain skin plus it is also complimented by her rich red hair color as well. This look has a breezy femininity that is perfect for any seasons especially Spring as it gives that fresh and healthy glow.

This look is ideal on any daytime activities and is also suited to try for your regular makeup routine. It is easy to achieve as it only consist of bare-minimum products. Here are some tips to get this look.

Even out your skin tone with a tinted or sheer moisturizer to achieve that natural finish. Apply concealer only to the areas needed. To make your eyes brighter, whiter and more awake, line the inner rims of the lower lash line with a flesh toned pencil. Apply a neutral colored eyeshadow that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone all over your lids and a darker shade (preferably brown) for the crease. Use a brown pencil liner instead of black to outline your eyelids for a softer outcome, and apply a coat of mascara.

To make the color of your lipstick pop out more, create a nude base for your lips with a nude lip pencil then layer on a creamy peach colored lipstick. You can add a little bit of gloss with the same color if you desire. Apply a peach colored blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards the lower part of the temple. Layer on bit of luminizing liquid to get that creamy texture for an instant healthy glow and a pretty peach results.

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