Celebrity Makeup: Elizabeth Olsen

One of the most famous twins in the world of fashion, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen should watch out as another Olsen isCelebrity Makeup: Elizabeth Olsen about to rule the entertainment world. Elizabeth Olsen, got her sisters’ distinct look and beautiful eyes and it’s not doubt that any makeup would look pretty on her.

In this photo, there is not much makeup product used but she still looked radiant and natural with just a pop of color on her lips. She started with a fresh face, a sheer to medium coverage foundation that let her few freckles and beauty spots show. Her eyebrows were beautifully shaped into a perfect balanced arch, which is not that thin and not that thick either. She used neutral and earthy colors of brown shade on the crease of her eyes and made it stand out even more by curling her lashes and applying a non clumpling mascara that just gives a naturally long and thick finish. She dab a tiny amount of blush on her cheeks towards her temples to just have the right amount of flush to her whole look. She then chose a bright cherry colored lipstick, to get that unexpected vibrancy to finish her entire makeup.

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