Celebrity Makeup: Dakota Fanning, Wonderland Cover

Who wouldn’t know Dakota Fanning? She grew up to be a fine young lady right on front of our eyes, starring with the mostCelebrity Makeup: Dakota Fanning, Wonderland Cover in demand actors and actresses in blockbuster movies. She’s definitely one of the most sought of actress, and she already proved that even at such a young age. Besides her acting talent, young women also look up to her because of her fashion sense, and her makeup in numerous events is always being recreated. She has this distinctive doe-eyed look that looks editorial when made up. One example would be her recent cover of Wonderland magazine, where she looked absolutely stunning.

This look is perfect for night outs and glamorous events and parties, it’s like a My Fair Lady inspired makeup with a vintage appeal twisted with modern chic and sophistication. It might sound complicated, but it is actually easy to achieve this look.

After you’re done with your usual foundation and concealer routine, make your eyebrows look thicker, but still groomed by applying a brown brow pencil or gel liner. One of the highlights in this look are the eyes, just add definition by applying a dark taupe or a berry shade brown shadow blended across your crease and and a vanilla colored shade applied across the lid. Use a liquid eyeliner and apply from the inner corner of your lids to the outer corner, creating a thick and sharp line with a wing on the outer corner of the eyes. Curl the lashes and apply 2-3 coats of mascara. To make your eyes look bigger and brighter, line the inner lower rims of your eyes with a white pencil liner. You can skip the blush as the whole look is supposed to have a pale, flawless face and fill in your lips with a deep berry shade of lipstick.

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