Celebrity Makeup: Alicia Keys, Grammy Awards 2012

Alicia Keys has definitely established her name as one of the most talented musician of all times. A lot of young women Celebrity Makeup: Alicia Keyes, Grammy 2012with the same dreams of being known for singing and playing the piano at the same time look up to her. She graced the recent Grammy Awards with a very sophisticated yet modern look with her choice of makeup. Minimal yet outstanding.

You can achieve this look in simple steps and you can even use whatever it is in your makeup kit, even the makeup samples you have kept like that shimmering neutral eyeshadow or a clear lip gloss good for single use. To get this look, first start with your regular foundation routine to have that flawless canvass. Groom and define your eyebrows with a brow liner. Apply a shimmer neutral eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyelid blended with a gray shade on the outer corner of your eyes. Give your eyes some definition by tightlining your eyelids or applying eyeliner in between of your lashes then continue on applying a coat of mascara.

Apply a peach colored blush or a bronzer on the apple of your cheeks and fill in your lips with a muted berry shade of lipstick topped with a clear lip gloss.

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