Celebrity Makeup: Adele

Adele is definitely one of the most talented singer and songwriter in this present generation. Everybody can relate to her Celebrity makeup: Adelesongs, and it is also no doubt that she is one beautiful lady who looks even more amazing with her choice of makeup. One thing I notice about Adele’s makeup is how she beautifully focuses on her eyes, making it prettier and stand out even more. She also knows how to subtly contour and highlight the shape of her face as she gives off that classic and timeless look with her color combinations, as see in the photo.

To get this look, start of with your regular foundation routine and cover your blemished, under eye problems and spots to have that flawless canvass. It is also better to start of with a face primer beforehand for a smoother finish. As mentioned earlier, Adele focuses and emphasized on giving her eyes shape and definition. First, groom and shape your eyebrows with a shade of brown that matches your hair color. Apply a vanilla colored eyeshadow on your eyelids blending it upwards to the crease. Use a darker shade of brown or even a soft plum and blend it on your crease blending it inward from the outer eye area. Make sure to blend it well especially near the brow bone, and avoid hard edges. You want your eyes to have a defined yet soft look. Apply a vanilla colored eyeshadow with subtle shimmer on the inner corner of your eyes for a highlighting effect. Apply eyeliner on your lids, making it heavier than usual until you get your desired finish. Use faux lashes (preferrably the flared ones) and apply a coat or two of mascara on your natural and faux lashes to create a dramatic eye finish.

Swipe a peachy shade of blush on your cheeks and a light berry colored lipstick topped with clear lip gloss on your lips.

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