Celebrity Makeup: Adele, Grammy Awards 2012

Adele is one of the most popular and talented singer and songwriter in this generation, and she just proved herself onceCelebrity Makeup: Adele, Grammy Awards 2012 again by bringing home numerous awards from the recent Grammy Awards 2012. Not only that, she kept her fans talking about how gorgeous she looked especially with her timeless red lipstick and black liner makeup.

It’s very easy to achieve this look, and it’s perfect in any glamorous or evening events. All you need are just a few of your staple makeup products and you’ll look instantly sleek and fully made up.

First, start off with a flawless canvass by applying a makeup base or primer before going on with your usual foundation and concealer routine. Give your eyebrows some grooming and an arch by filling the sparse area with a brow pencil. Apply a vanilla colored eyeshadow all over your lids up until your crease and line your eyelids with a liquid eyeliner to have that sharp and defined eye look. You also have the option of adding a wing on the outer corner of your eyeliner and using individual fake eyelashes for more volume.

Give your face some warmth by dabbing a little bit of blush and continue on by lining your lips with a red lipliner and filling in your lips with a matte red lipstick.



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