Celebrity Makeup: Adele, Entertainment Weekly Cover

Adele has definitely captured lots of hearts may it be women, or men with her breathtaking music and heartwarming Celebrity Makeup: Adele, Entertainment Weekly Coverlyrics. She is surely one of the most in demand artist in this generation, and it is no doubt that she has created a name in the business. Besides her music, women also look up to her style especially with her choice of makeup that always look so chic and glamorous even with just an eyeliner or red lips. Here she is gracing the cover of the latest Entertainment Weekly, looking lovely as ever.

This look can be created in just a few minutes using just basic makeup products with and bronze or shimmering brown eye shadow as the centerpiece of the whole look. To achieve this look start of with a clean and well moisturized face, apply makeup primer afterwards and continue on with your foundation and concealer routine. Make sure you have well groomed arches with defined shape by using a gel or pencil brow liner. Apply an eye primer to make the color of your eye shadow stand out even more, and apply the bronze or shimmering brown shadow all over your lids blending towards the crease to soften the edges. Apply the same shade as well on your lower lash line. Use liquid or gel liner to create a defined thick line on your eyelids and add more definition by lining your lower rims as well with a black eye pencil. Curl your lashes and apply 2-3 coats of mascara, you can also add individual flares of fake lashes on the outer corner of your eyelashes to create that flirty and luscious cat eye look. Dab a small amount of bronzer on your cheeks and blend upwards toward the temple and finish the entire look by filling in your lips with a natural soft shade of pink lipstick.

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