Camera Ready Makeup

In almost every events right now, everyone brings a camera. From graduation, to weddings, to even just small gatherings Camera ready makeupand parties. Not only do you need to make sure you look good in person, but in photos as well. Camera’s flash can make your look different, it can emphasize and highlight imperfections and even more focus on makeup mistakes. So, it’s better to follow these simple tips to have that beautiful and memorable look, in person and in photographs.

It is better to have a really clear and well moisturized base, or use a makeup primer to have that smooth finish when you apply your foundation. Remember to blend it properly to avoid any streaks and harsh lines that will definitely be obvious in the photos. Spread your foundation down to your neck as well to have that even coverage and to avoid a two toned face and neck color that is the most common makeup mishaps by some. Avoid using foundation with sunscreen as it will also have an effect on camera flashes.

Try to limit your use of too much illuminator, glitter or shimmery products to avoid looking that washed out effect on photos. Just remember to use just little amounts on just areas you want to emphasize to have that right subtle highlight that you need. Stick with matte products if you can, like a matte blush. Groom and shape your eyebrows, use a lip liner before applying your lipstick for that perfect pout.

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