Beauty Trend: Tightlining

There may be some of you who is still not aware what the word tightlining is in the world of makeup application. Some may Beauty trend: tightliningeven know how to do it, but is not aware that there is a term for it. Well, if you are a fan of the natural look for your regular makeup routine then tightlining is definitely a beauty trend you should try.

Tightlining is all about defining eyes with an eye pencil or even a gel liner. It isn’t your usual eyelining technique where the line is obvious instead it is applied in between each lashes and you’ll be amazed on how it gives a huge difference to the outcome of your eye makeup, especially if you just applied nude eyeshadow. Tightlining will make your eyes stand out in a natural way.

Few easy steps for tightlining. First, lift your the crease of your eyes or your lids for you to be able to have a view of your upper inner rim. Line the part where the roots of your lashes begins using a pencil or a gel liner. Apply in between each lashes from the outer corner of your eyes to the inner corner. You can also do tightlining on the lower part of your inner rim by doing the same procedure.

It may be that simple but the results are wonderful, perfect for a nude and natural look without having that heavy lines on your lids.


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