Beauty Trend: Rosy Makeup for Spring 2012

Spring is the time for fresh and natural makeup looks. Some may still prefer something dramatic, probably for an evening Beauty Trend: Rosy Pink Makeupevent but for daytime activities it’s best to have that radiant and glowing face. It’s the time to bring out your peach, pink, apricot makeup products, and of course pastel colors is also one of the biggest trend during Spring. One favorite look most women usually creates when they’re applying makeup would have to be the rosy makeup look. Pink is just a fresh and feminine shades with different hues to suite different skin tones. This season, you’ll definitely never go wrong with rosy pink.

A rosy makeup would definitely look good with anything, it looks perfect with your floral dress or even with a vintage shirt and jeans. Plus, it’s very easy to achieve this look as you just need a minimal amount of makeup using a few of your beauty products.

Starting with your face. Make sure you have a clean and well moisturized base before you apply makeup. If you already have a clear skin, a sheer foundation or even a tinted moisturizer can do with the help of your trusted concealer for any problem areas.

Groom your eyeshadow, and use a soft shade of brown of any shade nearest to your hair color and fill in the sparse area for a defined look. Apply a neutral colored eyeshadow on your eyelids and highlight your brow bone with a shimmering vanilla colored eye shadow. You can skip the eyeliner for a softer look and apply a coat or two of mascara. Give warmth to your whole face by dabbing a small amount of a rosy shade blush on the apples of your cheek for a natural flush, and fill in your lips with your preferred neutral pink lipstick topped with lip gloss if you desire. You can also use a lip and cheek tint for this look and still have the same beautiful rosy finish.

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