Beauty Trend: Retro/Vintage Makeup

When we see pictures of women from the old era, the first thoughts that will pop out of our minds is glamorous, romantic Vintage makeupand elegant. 40s represent women in style and sophistication that not only the fashion came back in style but as well with the makeup look that’s been sported by celebrities on red carpet events. Retro and vintage trends will always come and go and of course come back again as it still works on today’s modern and wide range of makeup products. Achieving this look is easy. Start with your usual foundation and concealer routine, set with powder and with highlighter on the parts of your face that needs glow. Sweep a sheer matte white eyeshadow from your lash line to your crease and blend an earthy color brown or taupe eyeshadow on your crease. You can also use a plum colored eyeshadow to create depth on your eyes (as seen in the photo). Apply mascara or faux eyelashes if desired. Apply a soft berry colored blush on the apples of your cheeks. Line your lips with a lipliner similar on your preferred lip color, and fill your lips with a deep plum colored lipstick. You can also use any deep red shades as it will also have that same retro/vintage dolled up effect.

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