Beauty Trend: Purple Makeup

This color can be identified with different shades– Violet, purple, plum, berry, wine. It is a very versatile color and it Purple Makeuplooks flattering on any skin tone, and can even complement very well. As Spring arrives, Purple can be one of the best colors to wear, it’s eye catching, fun and young. So you shouldn’t be afraid in wearing this color, may it be bright, pastel or muted.

For the eyes. Purple eyeshadow will surely bring out that sparkle from your eyes and make the color stand out even more. You can apply either a matte or a metallic purple eyeshadow all over your lid. You can blend it with other colors or you can wear it alone and defining it more by applying an intense black eyeliner with a winged outer corner.

Purple lipstick is also one of the biggest trend in the world of beauty, and everyone seems to be getting on with the craze by applying minimal makeup with the purple lipstick standing out on its own. You can choose between different shades of purple for your lips and the spotlight will surely be on you. Sometimes if you are feeling a little bit dramatic, you can even add glitter or a bit of shimmer on your lips for a hipper vibe. Just remember to just focus on one area of your face, either the lips or the eyes as the color alone will already make a statement.

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