Beauty Trend: Matte Makeup

One of the best makeup option when it comes to photography would have to be matte makeup, may it be matte face, Beauty trend: matte makeupeyeshadow or lipstick. It registers well on camera without any traces of shine or oiliness. It’s also one of the most used look on runways especially this season of spring. I have received a couple of matte eyeshadows as free makeup sample a few weeks ago, and I loved it as much as I love my shimmering makeup products. You can wear it with creamy glossy lipstick, or even pair it with matte lipstick as well. If you’re scared of how matte products especially with bright shade would look on you, here’s some simple tips on how to make it a doable look.

For eyeshadows, there are a wide variety of matte eyeshadows that usually comes in rich and pigmented bright colors. Use an eyeshadow base or primer before applying the shadow to avoid smearing. If you think bright colors are too daring for you, there are also a lot of neutral eyeshadow shades that comes in matte finish.

For the lips, some matte lipsticks can be drying and often times end up cracking on your lips. To avoid this, prep your lips by gently exfoliating your lips with a warm towel so the lipstick won’t cling to the lines of your lips. Apply a small amount of lip balm, enough to make your lips well moisturized and apply your matte lipstick in the shade you desire.

Matte beauty products are one of the biggest trend that keeps coming back on the runways and fashion editorials, and not only do they come in makeup products but even on nail lacquers which is a big hit to women everywhere.

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