Beauty Trend: Colored Mascara

Are you bored of your usual makeup routine? You always rely on your neutral makeup application and opt for the redColored mascara ¬†lipstick idea when you want something dramatic? Well, with makeup you will never run out of ideas in spicing up your whole look. If you want something fun and unexpected yet you don’t want something too drastic for a change. Why not try colored mascara? Haven’t thought of it before? Colored mascara were always in the loop yet often times taken for granted.

Now is the time to hit your favorite makeup store and purchase a tube or two of this wonderful product.

Colored mascara can make your eyes brighter and interesting. It can highlight your own eye color in an instant. If you have green, blue or hazel eyes, purple mascara can look so amazing on you. While blue mascara is a great contrast to women with brown eyes and green mascara also looks beautiful on brown and hazel eyes.

You can give your eyes a pop of color and create intensity without having to go for bright colored eyeshadow if you’re not too comfortable with it. It will give you that vibrant and exciting look that it can even be a conversation starter when you’re in a party or even when you’re just strolling in the mall.

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