Beauty Trend: Colorblocking Makeup

Colorblocking has been one of the biggest trend in the fashion industry in the past few months. Since fashion and beauty goesColor blocking makeup hand in hand, it is just expected that colorblocking has also hit the beauty department. If you think nude or natural makeup is already boring, or the usual smokey eye makeup has started to become too generic, then this look is for you.

Colorblocking is all about mixing and matching solid bright colors which are usually jewel toned colors like hot pink, jade, royal blue, purple and orange. It may be too daring, but it is just finding the right balance using two fun and eye-catching shades.

There are different ways to wear this beauty trend. One, you can just sweep one color all over your lids, line the inside the rim of your eyes with a different jewel toned eye pencil and put on a pink lip color. Two, your can use to colors on your eyes. Let’s say purple on your lash line to the crease and blue shadow under the lower lash line. Three, if you think too much color is too daring and experimental then you can just stick with colored eyeliners, different shades on the top and lower part of your eyes.

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