Beauty Trend: Chocolate Brown Makeup

There are lots of women who are into the smokey eye makeup look, and of course it looks amazing on anyone as it gives Chocolate Brown Makeupso much definition on your eyes and at the same time gives out a fierce and edgy look. Though some may find the usual black smokey eyes too dramatic or too strong for their taste. A smokey eye doesn’t necessarily need to use black shadow all the time. You can play with dark grays, or even dark shades like plum or navy blue. One look you can also try out that would still have that neutral touch would be the chocolate brown look. It’s fresh and you will surely look fresh from the runway with this gorgeous all around shade.

One example of this look is Freida Pinto’s makeup on the Golden Globes recently. She worked on brown shades all over her face that complimented each other and looked absolutely amazing over all, and it’s really easy to get this look.

First, just start with your regular foundation and concealer routine. Make sure you have a flawless face, so apply a makeup primer before hand. Frame your face and give your eyes and instant lift by grooming and defining your brows by filling in the sparse areas with a brow pencil. Choose a brown shade that you think looks great on your skin tone and apply over your lids, blending it outwards. You can use two to three shades to have that three dimensional look, applying the lightest shade on the center of your lid and the darkest on your crease. If you’re going for an all brown look, apply a bronzer on your cheeks to give your face definition and dab a small amount of peach shade on the apples of your cheeks for a hint of warmth. You can choose a nude colored lipstick on your lips or a nude with beige undertones to have that beautiful chocolate brown makeup all over.


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