Beauty Trend: Cat Eyes

If you’re planning to wow the crowd at a party, then there’s no easier way to get that va-va-voom look than to have that catCat eyes makeup  eyes makeup by creating a winged eyeliner. This look is one of the most famous runway trend that everyone can achieve.

It is fresh and sexy with a touch of sophistication and it can add a twist to your normal everyday makeup routine. Plus you have so many options on what to use to get this look. There’s the eye pencil, liquid eyeliner and now the gel liner.

With eye pencil, it is easy as you can just follow the outline of you lids towards the outer area of the eye and easily create the wing effect. Though, using pencil won’t give you the sharpness that you might want to achieve. Using either a liquid or gel liner, application is also a piece of cake. Using the liquid liner applicator or a liner brush for the gel, outline your lid from the inner corner of your eyes, building up thickness as you move outward. Make a triangular shape on the outer corner of your eye and filling it for that winged effect.

Make the wings on both eyes match, check the highest peak of the lined wing and use that as a guide for the other eye. Then with just a coat of mascara just to define the lashes a little.

You can leave the rest of your face bare, to let the whole look focus on the eyes. You’ll surely be noticed with these striking addition to your makeup routine.

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