Beauty Trend: Candy Colored Makeup

New Year is just right around the corner, not only do you need to make new year’s resolution but you should also try out candy colored makeuphaving a new makeup routine or try and experiment on new and exciting makeup looks. If you’re all about fun, then one trend you should try that is straight from the runways and fashion editorials is the candy colored look. It’s fun and it can even make you feel young!

You can play with colors, you can also mix and match. If you want to focus on the eyes, you can show depth by fully covering your eyelids with a darker yet fun shade like purple and contrasting it with a lighter base like baby pink color sweeping it over the lid and into the crease blending it with the purple shade on an outward direction. You can blend three colors as well if you wish, or even so you can also just use one bright color then leave the rest of your face minimal. If you decide to focus on your cheeks and/or your lips instead, brush your cheeks with a pink shade making sure you blend it properly from the center of your cheeks to the temples and matching it with a bright pink or orange lipstick.

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